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Finishing Agent for Coral Velvet SR-199

Finishing Agent for Coral Velvet SR-199

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The Processing Auxiliary of Functional Fabric

[product introduction]

1.This product is the new synthesis methods, combined with double modified functional group and organic silicon compound with technology, preparation of new organic silicon polymer.
2.This product is mainly used in coral fabric, it is larger than the general amino modified silicone softener, compared with fabric can good smooth sex, board.
3.Loose sex, resilience and almost no yellowing performance.

[General properties]

Appearance: take blue emulsion
Solubility: soluble in water
Ion sex: weak cation
PH value (1% aqueous solution and ℃) : 5 ~ 8

[Product features]

1. The springback provide superior, smooth and wash the handle;
2. Also the emulsifying property, in order to ensure the stability of the diluent, completely solve the stick cylinder sticking to the safety problems;
3. Low yellowing characteristics, especially applicable to add white/light color fabric.


1. Padding process: dosage and - fifty g/L, 120 ℃ preliminary drying, finalize the design 150-180 ℃, fifty seconds.
2. Impregnation process: dosage 2-5% (O.W.F), temperature 30 ℃, time and fifty - - 30 minutes, dehydration, drying 100 ℃.

The specific process please users through the sample discretionary adjustment. (according to the standard concentration meter)

Water can change material, it is suggested that dilution ratio by silicone oil: water = 1:2 or so change material. Cold water chemical material, first join weighing good silicone oil, put a small amount of water, and then open agitator, stirring the movie and half of the water slowly pour into chemical material kettle, agitator running ten minutes, then add the remaining measurement of water to the desired content, stirring ten minutes or so, can get a blue transparent to translucent emulsion, stop stirring, filtration discharge.

Note: open thin, water don't one-time join, want to have a self emulsifying process, to get qualified products. Please in strict accordance with the open thin method open thin.

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