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Silicone Emulsion Series

Silicone Emulsion Series

Silicone oil emulsion is a kind of textile finishing agent with excellent performance, commonly used for soft and smooth finishing, such silk-like finishing, wool-like finishing, and waterproof finishing, etc. It can be used both alone and with other finishing agents. Silicone oil emulsion is able to make the fabric comfortable, stylized, higher grade and functional quality.

The primary silicone finishing agent is a mechanical mixture of siloxane fluid and hydrogen silicone (and its derivatives). The secondary silicone finishing agent is hydroxyl terminated polydimethyl siloxane fluid, because of the one-step-finished emulsion polymerization silicone emulsion manufacturing process, thus it has the advantages of short working time, high efficiency, simple equipment and convenient operation. The emulsion is very stable, and its polymer particles with active group on both ends (hydroxyl), and can be further react to form film that improves the effect, which is far more better than the mechanical mixture.

According to the different adopted surface active agents, silicone oil emulsions can be classified into kinds of cationic, negative ion, non-ion and compound ion silicone oil emulsions.

1. Cationic

The cationicsilicone oil emulsion can be used in the post treatment of various textiles, featuring in improving the smooth feeling and the elasticity of fabric. And its unique advantage is that it can be an ideal waterproof agent, which waterproof performance and durability can achieve very high level by mixed with methyl hydrogen silicone oil emulsion, for whalen tent canvas and dacron khaki cloth.

2. Anionic

The anionic silicone oil emulsion has good compatibility in the fabric finishing agent with stable performance.

3. Compound ionic

Compound ionic silicone oil emulsion is a kind of excellent fabric softener, but this kind of emulsion is not resistant to hard water, so it has certain limitations in use.

4. Non-ionic

Non-ionic silicone oil emulsion has better adaption and stability than ionic hydroxyl silicone oil emulsion, so many countries now have studied a lot on the non-ionic type.

5. Other active groups
In order to meet higher-demanded textile finishing, improve the antistatic and hydrophilic property of treated fabric, and equip the chemical blended fabric with the advantages of natural fabric, as one of the most silicone emulsion suppliers, HT Fine Chemical has never stopped research and development for better softness of finishing agent.
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