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Hydrophilic Finishing Agent 8068B

Hydrophilic Finishing Agent 8068B

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The Processing Auxiliary of Functional Fabric

This product is a kind of multi-functional hydrophilic finishing agent, suitable for cotton, polyester, blended fabric etc.

[Main composition]
Polyester-polyether type of block copolymer

[General properties]

Appearance:  milky white or beige emulsion
Ionicity: nonionic
PH value:6~8
Solubility: dilute with water at any ratio

[Product features]

1. This hydrophilic finishing agent has strong  adaptability, not only suitable for rolling - roasting - baking finishing process, also suitable for high temperature dyeing finishing with bath;
2. Give polyester and its blended fabric dirt resistance, air permeability and durable;
3. Color fabric color affect basic no effect;
4. Dyeing and finishing bath can prevent polyester in overflow dyeing machine for a long time extrusion and produce line, chicken paw prints to prevent the disease, with dyed fabric bulk, soft handle;
5. Particularly suitable for knitting sweater, sports socks etc.fabric.


1. High temperature high pressure dyeing with bath use: add 2 ~ 4% (owf), add other additives and dye;
2. Rolling - roasting - baking finish: 10 ~ 40 g/l, two dip two rolling, 90 ℃ drying, 170 ℃ baking 30 - 60 seconds.

[Packaging and storage]
125 kg/polyethylene drum, 12 months in sealed container at room temperature.

The data contained in this literature are based on our current knowledge and experience. It is imperative that it be tested to determine, to your satisfaction, whether it is suitable for your intended use and application. We shall not take any responsibility in any situation for improper use.

[Order MOQ]
Normally, order MOQ is 3 tons per model and we can offer lowest price with more quantity.

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