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Pectinease HT-M1202

Pectinease HT-M1202

Brief information

This product is neutral liquid pectate lyase, the enzyme belongs to the carbon-oxygen lyases in polysaccharides. By pectinase biorefining, the pectin can be efficiently hydrolyzed into soluble substances. In the biorefining process, is advantageously removed the cotton fabric and other impurities (such as wax and protein). At the same time enhance the wetness and water absorption of the cotton fabric surface.

General properties

-- Appearance: Light yellow liquid
-- pH: 5.5~6.2

Properties and fields of application

--Enzyme biological refining system can replace the traditional the scouring process which is under high alkaline pH and high-temperature operation.
--With medium temperature operation that can save energy and costs. And reduces the possibility of the crease.
--Neutral pH process conditions that can improve fabric quality (softness, fluffy feel), reduce fabric weight loss, enhance water absorption and improve dyeing.
--Comply with the process requirements of current global green cotton spinning, ecologically friendly, human health and lasting development.
--Suitable for medium and dark color dyeing.


This product is an efficient enzyme preparation, and a wide range of application pH and temperature (see below figure). It is suitable for the bio refining pretreatment process of cellulose fiber. The specific process and operation parameters are as follows:

Operating parameter
Process parameters Optimal range
pH 6.0 - 7.5
Dosage 1.0-2.0%(o.w.f)
Temperature 60 - 70°C
Bath ratio 1:5 ~ 1:10
Time 30 - 45 min

Traditional pretreatment process of alkaline scouring:
Traditional pretreatment process of alkaline scouring

Pretreatment process of pectinase biological scouring:
Pretreatment process of pectinase biological scouring

Packing and storage

-- Packing: 25 kg/polyethylene drum
-- Storage: 6 months in the sealed container at room temperature below 25℃

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