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Hydrophilic Formaldehyde Free Fixing Agent for Polyester QG-200

Hydrophilic Formaldehyde Free Fixing Agent for Polyester QG-200

[Brief information ]
Hydrophilic formaldehyde free fixing agent for reactive dyeing that obviously improves various fabric fastness.

[Main composition ]
--Polycationic compound.

[General properties ]

-- Appearance: Light yellow to yellow liquid
-- Ionicity: Cationic
-- pH: 3-5
-- Solubility: Easily soluble in water
-- Stability: Resisting acid, alkali, electrolytes and hard water.

[Properties and fields of application ]

--The unusual feature is no influence on hydrophilic soft hand feels.
--Negligible shade change and does not affect original shades.
--After treatment, soaping fastness had improved obviously.
--Outstanding alkali resistant and use in mercerizing after cotton fastness.
--Free of formaldehyde and complies with the environmental requirement.

[Application ]

1. To guarantee subsequent fixing performance, please rinse the dyed fabrics completely to remove residual dyestuffs salts and alkali before fixing .Soaping if necessary.

-- Dipping
QG-200: 1-3% (O.W.F)
Bath ratio: 1: 15-20
Temperature & time: 30-50℃ × 15-20 min
Dyed fabrics → Dip in fixing bath for 15-30 min at 30-50℃→ Rinse → Dry

-- Padding
QG-200: 10-30 g/L
Dyed fabrics → Twice dip & pad in fixing bath at room temperature → Dry.

[Packing and storage ]

-- Packing: 125kg/polyethylene drum
-- Storage: Keep it under seal in cool and dry place.,6 months in sealed container at room temperature.

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