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Scouring Enzyme SM

Scouring Enzyme SM

[Main composition]
Efficient enzyme compound

[General properties]

Appearance: white to light yellow granule
pH: 11.5 ± 1  (1% solution)
Solubility: easily soluble in water

[Product features]

Brand new efficient green chemical of pretreatment auxiliaries, as a great revolution to the traditional caustic process.
Prevents fibre excessive damage and reduces weight loss (3-5% less than traditional process).
Scouring enzyme in textile obviously improves whiteness, capillary effect and hydrophilicity, as well as dyeing ability and leveling.
Easily wash off and can reduce washing times with easy operation.
Provides an efficient way to an economic, green and short process solution.


Pretreatment of woven, knitted cotton blends and yarn
1. Knitted cotton fabrics, yarn
Scouring enzyme: 2-3 g/L
H2O2(100%): 1-2 g/L
NaOH/Na2CO3: 0-1 g/L
Liquor ratio: 1: 10-20
Temperature: 95-100℃
Time: 50-60 minutes

Procedure: Add Scouring enzyme SM into the tank → Heat to 50 – 60℃→ Add H2O2 → Heat to 130℃ and retain 15 minutes or heat to 120℃ and retain 25 minutes or heat to 100℃ and retain 50 – 60 minutes → Drain → One hot rinse at 60℃→ Drain → Peroxide killer treatment for 10-15 minutes → Dyeing

2. Woven fabrics

20-40 g/L  
10-15 g/L
12-18 g/L
 5-12 g/L
Scouring agent
  4 g/L    
4 g/L

Procedure: Pad with HT- SM liquor → Steam at 100 ± 2 degree × 60-70 min → Rinse

[Packaging and storage]
25 kg/bag, 12 months in cool and dry place.

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