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Silicone Softener Thickener HT-300

Silicone Softener Thickener HT-300

[Brief information]

-- This product is associated type polyacrylic acid, with thickening, stable foam, chelate, emulsion, dispersion etc. performance, Suitable for detergent, shower gel, shampoo, liquid soap and laundry detergent (soap base system except) etc products.

[General properties]

-- Appearance (25 ℃) : yellow transparent to muddy thick liquid
-- pH value: 2-4 (1% solution)
-- Viscosity: ≥1000(30℃,cp)

[Properties and fields of application]

-- High thickening, especially for sulfonic acid system thickening has specially good effect, to other formula system is also effective. And with salt, 6501, CAB, amine oxide, etc has good collaborative thickening effect.
-- Strong dispersion ability can greatly reduce the formula low temperature jelly phenomenon.
-- Excellent emulsifying, suspended function, improve the oil phase stability.
-- Polymer structure has the stable bubble function.
-- With partial AES function, can greatly improve the system of salt dosage.
-- Used for bath gel system, obvious anti-skidding effect, can make antifreeze fiber drawing effect.

[Usage ]
-- This product is acid polymer, need alkali neutralization can achieve the best effect, and when excessive neutralization can be used sulfonic acid or citric acid and adjust back.
-- Recommended dosage:1.5~4.0%

[ Packing and storage]
-- Packing: 50 or 125 and 200kg/polyethylene drum
-- Storage: 12 months in cool and dry place with sealed packing

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