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Silicone Spot Stripping Agent BG50

Silicone Spot Stripping Agent BG50

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The Processing Auxiliary of Functional Fabric

The product is high-tech product which is use a small amount of silicone oil removal agent can easily stripping leave In the fabric of the silicon class softener and three proofing finishing agent, do not affect to dyeing and finishing and processing. This product does not contain the formaldehyde, APEO etc, accord with environmental protection requirement.

[Main composition]
Special polymer surfactant compound

[General properties]

Appearance: undertint transparent liquid
PH value: 6~8
Solubility: soluble in water
Stability: stable for hard water, acid, alkali

[Product features]

1. The use of silicone oil removal agent sipping silicone oil, three - finishing agent has special effects,
2. The use of silicone oil removal agent process is simple, less consumption, high efficiency;
3. For heavy fabric dyeing, color repair or three re-dress to provide simple and fast method.
4. In acidic or alkaline conditions used, all have good sipping effect.


Recommended dosage and process:

1.basic conditions:
Silicone oil stripping agent:5 - 15g/l
Soda ash or caustic soda:15 - 20g/l
Bath ratio:1:15-20
Temperature and time:98℃ × 50min
Water injection to join silicone oil removal agent, alkali - into cloth, heating up to 95-98 ℃, and insulation operation forty - min, drainage, inject new water, adding suitable amount of no bubble soap lotion - 80-90 ℃ heat preservation soaping 5-10 min, drainage, cleaning

2. Acid conditions:
Silicone oil removal agent: 2-10 g/l
PH: 3-4 (with acetic acid tone)
Bath ratio, and so -
Temperature and time: 90 ℃ × fifty min
Water injection adjustment pH 3-4, add silicone oil removal agent - into cloth, heating up to 80-90 ℃, and insulation run 30 - min, drainage, 80-90 ℃ heat preservation hot wash twenty - 30 min, drainage, cleaning

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