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Sales Iron Army Gathering: Empowering Team Building

Sales Iron Army Gathering: Empowering Team Building

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Honghao Chemical Co., Ltd., celebrated the successful conclusion of its Sales Boot Camp, a three-day intensive training program held at the Honghao Academy in Qingyuan, from January 10 to January 12, 2024. The event aimed to elevate the practical sales skills of the participants and forge a formidable sales force, often referred to as the "Sales Iron Army."

Training Activities

scouring-chemicals20240115-1.jpgOpening Speech by General Manager Fang

The program began with an inspiring opening speech by General Manager Fang, emphasizing the importance of the mindset, state, and efficiency of sales personnel. He highlighted that determination determines value, capabilities determine efficiency, efficiency determines results, and results stem from the process. The cornerstone of achieving outstanding performance is fostering habits such as critical thinking, analysis, diligence, and deal closure.

scouring-chemicals20240115-2.jpgEngaging Lectures

The training featured captivating lectures by renowned educator, Mr. Ma Rui from Zhongxu Education. With years of experience in corporate training, Mr. Ma delved into the theme of creating a "Sales Iron Army," providing a fresh perspective and rational insights into enhancing the sales team's execution efficiency and mentality.


scouring-chemicals20240115-3.jpgDedicated Learning

Strengthening Business Skills, Enhancing Core Competencies

In this training camp, we focused on fortifying business skills and elevating our core competitiveness through simulated cases, group interactions, and ice-breaking games. The training was designed to be both educational and enjoyable, creating a productive learning environment. Sales professionals immersed themselves in a tense yet effective atmosphere, gaining in-depth insights into key aspects of marketing, customer service, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the sales process and crucial junctures.

Fostering Team Spirit, Collaboratively Solving Challenges

A special segment dedicated to team cooperation was incorporated into the training process. Through group tasks, employees gained a better understanding of the importance of teamwork. Facing challenges together and collaboratively solving problems strengthened the team's cohesion. Each participant deeply realized that only a robust team can create significant value.

Marching Forward Together in 2024

Performance goals were committed to, symbolizing our joint commitment to progress.


2024 Sales Iron Army training camp

Customs clearance assessment


Clearance time

In the fierce customs clearance competition, the salesman's understanding and mastery of the company's introduction, the company's advantages, cooperative customers, classic cases, customer needs and customer pain points are comprehensively investigated.

Wonderful display




Big congratulations to the champion team


2024 Sales Iron Army Training Camp Champion Team


Marketing center director General Fang

Honghao Chemical Marketing Center Director Fang on behalf of the company to extend the most sincere thanks to you! First of all, I would like to express my special thanks to Mr. Ma Rui, who has brought the sales iron Army training to our sales team in these three days. At the same time, I also thank the head of the sales department, regional managers and application engineers for their hard work in the sales clearance. With a fair and just attitude, you reflected the problems and valuable experience encountered in the sales practice, and conducted a strict assessment of the sales staff.

The company has spared no effort in personnel training, because we know that talent is the most valuable wealth of the enterprise. I am very pleased to see that everyone has studied hard and exchanged actively in the training.

In 2024, I hope you will have a good performance, good health, and build the sales team into a sales iron army, the exclusive iron army of the company!


Summary and prospect

This "Sales Iron Army training camp" is not only a business training, but also an experience for all business elites to grow together.

Through this training, we believe that the sales people will not only have a greater improvement in product sales and customer service and other business levels, but also more mature in mentality and team cooperation.

The company will continue to be committed to providing more opportunities for employees to learn and grow, jointly meet the challenges of the future, and provide customers with better service. In the New Year, we are looking forward to more success and breakthroughs, so that the sales elite can make continuous progress in the sharpness of the company's development and contribute their own strength to the development of the company.

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