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Summary Meeting of the 2023 Work: Moving towards a New Journey Together!

Summary Meeting of the 2023 Work: Moving towards a New Journey Together!

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Recently, Honghao Chemical & HT Fine Chemical successfully held two important annual summary meetings. Here, we review the past, look forward to the future, and plan the grand blueprint of the company together.

2023 Employee Year-end Summary Meeting


The January 26, 2023 employee year-end summary meeting was not only a platform to report work results, but also an opportunity to showcase the efforts and growth of employees. By reporting on work, company leaders and colleagues witnessed the efforts and achievements of the past year, while also setting the direction for future work.


General Manager Fang emphasized that the purpose of this meeting is to help everyone better understand and know each other, clarify their roles and values in the company, and improve their professional skills and abilities. Through mutual learning and communication, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company, and jointly promote the company's development.

2023 Middle and Senior Management Year-End Work Summary Meeting


Departmental Summaries and Planning

Summarize the past and look forward to the future

On January 29, the 2023 management annual work meeting was held, where each department conducted a detailed summary of the work in 2023. At the same time, in conjunction with the company's strategic goals and development plans, the work plans and goals for 2024 were outlined.

Summary statement


Deputy General Manager Fang Yong made comments and summary remarks at the conference.

Finance Manager Zhang Xiaoying pointed out the importance of talent cultivation, the transition of old and new employees in the company, the selection of talents, and the channel for talent promotion, which are all crucial issues on how to retain talents.

Deputy General Manager Fang Yong emphasized during the meeting that improving product quality is the core key to the company's development. To ensure high-quality products and competitive advantages, we need to continuously improve production processes, strengthen quality control, and innovate in research and development.

General Manager's speech


After carefully listening to the summaries and reports of each department, General Manager Fang Weihong affirmed the completion of work in 2023 and sincerely thanked all employees for their long-term efforts for the company.

Faced with the new opportunities and challenges currently facing the company, he particularly emphasized the importance of lean production, optimizing processes, improving efficiency, and ensuring quality. At the same time, he expects healthy competition between departments, mutual learning through competition mechanisms, and mutual progress, to inspire employee motivation and creativity.


With the passage of time, as the year draws to a close, the various events of the past year have merged into the history of the outstanding talents. After enduring the challenges and tribulations of 2023, we eagerly await the first light of dawn in 2024. We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, Honghao Chemical & HT Fine Chemical will strive for high-quality development in the new year!

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