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What is the Use of Fabric Softening Agent? What Effect Can Be Achieved?

What is the Use of Fabric Softening Agent? What Effect Can Be Achieved?

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1. What is the fabric softening agent?

Fabric softening agent is a kind of daily chemical products that can give clothes and fabrics a soft and pleasant feeling in hand, wear and use.

Fabric softening agent can make the clothes smoothing and soft. That is mainly because after the softening agent is adsorbed on the surface of the fiber, it prevents direct contact between the fiber and fiber, reduces the dynamic friction coefficient and static friction coefficient between the fiber and fiber, reduces the resistance between the components of the fabric and the resistance between the fabric and the body, so as to achieve the effect of soft hand and comfortable wearing.

2. The use of fabric softening agents

In the commonly used soft finishing, the most common and simplest practice is to use softening agent to treat fabric. Softening agents can form a protective film on the fabric surface, reduce the friction between the components of the fabric and the friction between the human body and the fabric, so as to make clothes soft and smooth.

According to statistics, the main methods used for soft finishing fabrics are mechanical soft finishing, chemical soft finishing and biological enzyme processing method. In terms of mechanical soft finishing, the effect is not lasting and obvious; the effect of chemical finishing is better, which changes the defect that the gray fabric of traditional fabric is rigid with poor softness; biological enzyme processing is an environmentally friendly and better processing methods emerging in recent years.

In the dyeing and finishing process, due to the characteristics of the fabric itself, or in order to give the fabric a certain function, the softening agent is frequently needed for finishing, so as to improve the fabric’s smooth and soft feel, and improve the comfort level. Next, non-ionic hydrophilic silicone oil softening agent and bath softening agent are used in the soft finishing of cotton fabrics, using orthogonal experiments and single-factor experiments (softening agent dosage, baking temperature and baking time and other technological conditions) to explore the best finishing technology for soft finishing of cotton fabrics, and to test the feel and whiteness of cotton fabrics before and after soft finishing.


(1) Fabric softening agent: as a finishing agent for fabrics, it can help clothes obtain a soft, fluffy, plump feel, while general mechanical properties, drapability and lubricity are improved.

(2) Fabric softening agent: as a lubricant, it can reduce the friction between yarns, thereby improving wear resistance. At the same time, it can reduce the needle cut and lower the needle temperature when sewing, and reduce the needle wear.

(3) Fabric softening agent and other finishing auxiliaries are used in combination. Especially when it is used with the resin, it can effectively improve wear and tear resistance, and improve the recovery performance of the crease.

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