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What Should Textile Dyeing Factory Focus on when Formulating the Dyeing and Finishing Process?

What Should Textile Dyeing Factory Focus on when Formulating the Dyeing and Finishing Process?

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The development of dyeing and finishing processes is related to the manpower, hardware and environment of the enterprise. So what are the factors should be taken into consideration?

When the textile dyeing factory is developing dyeing and finishing processes, following five factors should be mentioned: equipment, raw materials, dyes and chemicals, personnel quality and market demand.

Ⅰ. The influence from the equipment of textile dyeing factory on process formulation

At present, process planners mainly consider three aspects of equipment: existing equipment in the textile dyeing factory, existing equipment that can be modified, and equipment that the market can provide and the company has intentions and capabilities to increase. These three aspects constitute the status quo of the equipment of the textile dyeing factory, and the status quo of the equipment is the basis for the development of the process.

Ⅱ. The process development influence from textile dyeing factory material

Different specifications, characteristics, and quality of raw materials require different processing techniques. The raw material category includes a variety category and fiber raw material category. For different raw materials of textile dyeing factories, their processing technologies may be different. For example, cotton spandex corduroy and cotton spandex satin have the same raw materials but different varieties. Due to the ways of forming blank, style requirements, defects cause, quality evaluation are different, so the customized processes are very different.

Ⅲ. The process development influence from textile dyeing factory dyestuff

In recent years, dyes and chemicals develop rapidly, and various high-performance and multi-functional environmental friendly fixing agent textile keep emerging, which creates conditions for the continuous improvement of the process. In the actual production, we should first follow up the latest development of all kinds of relevant products in the market, keep testing, reserve technology and screen the cost performance of related products. Secondly, products entering the factory must accept strict inspection checks. Before production, enterprises should comprehensively consider various factors including production feasibility, stability, compatibility, light jumping, fastness, and cost among the existing varieties, and prioritize specific orders, varieties, and color numbers. The third is producing. We should use the textile printing auxiliaries reasonably, operate accurately according to the different performance of the dye chemical.

Ⅵ. The process development influence from operators of the textile dyeing factory

The management, technology and operation level of an enterprise will directly affect the process quality level of the enterprise. Although textile dyeing factories have applied more and more digital automatic control system, the dependence of textile printing and dyeing factories on operators is still very strong.

Ⅴ. The process development influence from textile dyeing market demand

Generally, to ensure the stability of production, the process of the textile dyeing factory cannot be changed constantly. However, the process cannot always follow a stereotype routine because the market will change with the development of society, the improvement of people's living standards, and the international economic environment. The pursuit of product quality, environmental protection, and other aspects of the textile dyeing factory is constantly changing. The cost of quality, the cost of cleaner production, and the price of finished products are changing accordingly. The textile dyeing factory must adapt to this change, meet the market demand, and make the enterprise develop continuously.

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