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2023 China Dye Exhibition Concludes Successfully

2023 China Dye Exhibition Concludes Successfully

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On July 28th, the 22nd International Dye Industry and Organic Pigment, Textile Chemicals Exhibition came to a perfect end after three days.

In this exhibition, we witnessed the innovation and development of the printing and dyeing auxiliary industry. Exhibitors and visitors from all over the world gathered together to experience the latest products, technologies, and applications.


As a company that has been deeply involved in the field of printing and dyeing auxiliary agents for more than a decade, we are committed to providing industry users around the world with more energy-saving, emission-reducing, and environmentally friendly auxiliary products, bringing customers reliable and efficient products.

During the exhibition, we showcased a series of products, including pre-treatment auxiliaries, dyeing auxiliaries, printing auxiliaries, post-finishing hand-feeling auxiliaries, functional finishing agents, garment washing auxiliaries, daily chemical auxiliaries, and bio-enzyme preparations.


Professional visitors from 28 countries and regions gathered together, and the exhibition site was crowded with people. The booths were filled with guests, and the atmosphere was lively.


The current exhibition

Began amidst a buzz of voices

Ended with a lingering sense of satisfaction

Navigating through waves with composure

Moving forward undeterred by wind and rain

We are well aware that in the future

There are more opportunities and challenges awaiting us

Striving to climb, determined to fight

We will advance steadily

With even more resolute steps!

The curtain falls but the stage is not empty

Looking forward to our next encounter with you!


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