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Hongtu Will Tell Your the Functions and Characteristic of Alkali substitute

Hongtu Will Tell Your the Functions and Characteristic of Alkali substitute

Time:   Click: 2023
1. property

1. Appearance: White powder
2. Main content: alkali (no NAOH KOH contained)
3.  PH value: (1%)12±1
4.  Ionicity: anion
5.  Solubleness: good solubleness, twice of soda. Low-content impurities, transparent water solution.
6. Solid content: about 90%

2 Characteristics

1. The Hongtu's substitute alkali 25kg small bag is easy to handle. And no fly ash as sodium carbonate.
2.  The usage amount of Hongtu's substitute alkali is 1/8-1/10 of sodium carbonate.
3. Hongtu's substitute alkali has good dispersibility, it will prevent the produce of writing. And the fiber color is bright.
4. Hongtu's substitute alkali have good buffering power and high solubility.  It is the twice of the sodium carbonate. And with good leveling effect on the cotton fabric. And it will prevent the occurs of dyeing effect.
5. It will save 40% water and 30% acid after the dyeing of fabric with the Hongtu's substitute alkali.
6. Hongtu's substitute alkali is cheaper and it will lower the cost. And compared with sodium carbonate, it will save 50% cost.
7. When Hongtu’s substitute alkali dissolves in water, it will not emit heat.

3. Application

1.The recommended process of Hongtu's substitute alkali dyeing: yarn, piece dyeing
(1) General dosage:  light color:1-1.5g   neutral colour: 1.5-2 g  dark color: 2.5-3 g
(2) Referring to the weight of the dyed fabric and the bath ratio, and calculate the dosage of the substitute alkali and weight.  The glossiness of the fabric dyed by Hongqi substitute is different from the sodium carbonate. Please make a sample in the lab first to seek the dosage of the substitute alkali and proper dye first and then use in the production. (the substitute alkali is 1/8-1/10 of the sodium carbonate. The user can adjust the usage according to the actual  situations)
(3)The substitute alkali is high concentrate product, which has high requirement on the operation. But because of the difference in the operator’s technical level, experiment, and self-responsibility, we’d better add 10% sodium carbonate to ensure the fabric’s dyeing quality. In case of the small mistake made by the dyer,  there will not be great influence on the up-taking rate and glossiness.
(4) For some special colors, such as, bright red and purplish red, the dosage of the sodium carbonate can increase to 15%. And at the time of dyeing, the temperature rise should be not too fast, in case the discoloration caused by partial high temperature.
(5) Add the Hongtu substitute alkali at room temperature and increase the temperature. Be sure not to add the substitute alkali under 60℃ and up.

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