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30 Kinds of Common Dyeing and Finishing Additives and Their Functions

30 Kinds of Common Dyeing and Finishing Additives and Their Functions

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1) Penetrant: it can reduce the surface tension of the solution and make the fiber easy to be wetted and penetrated.

2) Washing Detergent: it can wash the dirt on the fabric. It is often used as a scouring and bleaching aid.

3) Caustic soda (NaOH): it is a kind of strong alkali. It is used as a scouring agent for cotton cloth and a stripping aid, which can only be washed after being neutralized with acid.

4) Soda carbonate (sodium carbonate Na2C03): it is used as water softener, scouring aid for T/C fabrics and fixing agent for reactive dyes.

5) Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3): it is used as a fixing agent for reactive dyes.

6) Trisodium phosphate (Na3PO4): it is used as water softener.

7) Sodium hexametaphosphate: it is used as water softener.

8) Sodium silicate (Na2SiO3): it is used as a scouring aid for cotton cloth and a stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide bleaching.

9) Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2): it is used as bleaching agent and deoxidizer. It can bleach fabrics.

10) Sodium sulfite (Na2S2O3): it is used as scouring aid for cotton fabric to prevent brittle damage and as residual oxygen neutralizer and dechlorinating agent.

11) Sodium sulfide (Na2S): it is used as dyeing assistant of sulfide dye, which can fully reduce and dissolve sulfide fuel.

12) Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO): it is used as bleaching agent. It is also used to peel off color and wash the cylinder.

13) Salt (NaCl) or Sodium Sulfate (Na2SO4): it is used as a dye promoter of direct reactive dye sulfide dye, improving the dyeing rate of dyes.

14) Sodium hydrosulfite (NaS2O4): it is a strong reducing agent. It can be used to peel, reduce and clean.

15) Dispersant (or diffusion agent): it is used as dyeing aid for dispersing fuel, so that disperse dyes are uniformly dispersed in dye liquor to ensure the stability of dye liquor.

16) Glacial acetic acid (HAC): it is used as dyeing assistant of disperse dyes to adjust PH and as neutralizer of alkali.

17) Ammonium sulfate [(NH4)2SO4]: it is used as an anti-alkali agent for disperse dyes. It can also play a role in jumping PH.

18) Levelling agent: it can make the dye evenly dyed and achieve the leveling effect.

19) Oxalic acid: it can wash away the rust spots on the fabric.

20) Fixing agent (fixing agent Y or M): it can make the direct dye firmly adhere to the fiber, improving the color fastness.

21) Softener: it can be combined with fibers or absorbed on the surface of the fibers, wetting the fabric and improving the hand feeling of the fabric.

22) Peregal O: it is used as leveling agent for direct and reactive dyes.

23) Varnish: it can remove oil stains on fibers.

24) Puffing agent: it can puff the fiber and help the material penetrate into the fiber.

25) Repair agent: it can make the fiber absorb the color evenly, which is conducive to leveling.

26) Brightener: it can improve the whiteness of bleached cloth.

27) Defoamer: it can reduce or remove the foam of the solution.

28) Soda: it is used as a deoxidizer to remove residual oxygen.

29) Turkey Red Oil: it is used as a penetrant for dyeing sulfur dyes with strong penetrating power. It can make sulfur and cloth black and make soft hand feeling.

30) Urea: it is a solubilizer and an anti-brittle agent for sulfur dyes.

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