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The Approaches And Measures To Improve The Fastness To Wet Rubbing

The Approaches And Measures To Improve The Fastness To Wet Rubbing

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4.2 The approaches and measures to improve the fastness to wet rubbing

4.2.1 to choose proper dye
Choose high solubility, low substantivity, high diffusivity and high dye-fixing rate dyes and use in the printing process to reduce the unfixed dye.

4.2.2 To improve and complete the printing process continuously
To improve and complete the printing process continuously. It provide a standard of the production management, technology index for the manufacturers. In the manufacturing process, the manufacturers should strictly arrange manufacturing according to the related stipulation. And ensure the process of preliminary treatment, making print paste, printing and finishing is done properly. This process will improve the dye absorbing, penetrating, unfixed dye reducing and fastness to wet rubbing.

4.2.3 To brush the fabric before printing
In traditional fabric manufacturing process, we do not brush the fabric. But the brushing the fabric before printing have the following advantages. By brushing the fabric, the floating fluff on the fabric will be removed. And the fluff on the fabric will be short, even and thick. And it will improve the fastness to the wet rubbing.

4.2.4 To increase the even wash of fabric after it is been treated in the process of printing and ageing.
The reactive dye have low fixation rate. It is commonly 60%-70%, and up to 80% at most.  So the water wash of the crumpled fabric after its treatment in the process of printing and ageing is important, it will wash out the unfixed dyes and color lake which have significant effect on the fastness to wet rubbing. The even wash process is : 1, wash off the unfixed dye and thickener from fabric using large quantity of running cold water.2. Before soap washing, even wash the multislot  moving and remove the thickener, If the after cold and hot fully water wash, soap washing immediately will cause the tarnishing. And the floating is not easy to be washed off. 3. Soap wash fully, even wash on the open width washing machine. Usually, wash twice for medium and deeper print fabrics. 4. Use good quality water in case of the forming of color lake.

4.2.5 Excellent fastness to wet rubbing enhance agent
At present, the wet rubbing fastness improver includes: polyamine polymer dye-fixing enhance agent, organosilicone wet friction enhance agent, polyurethane wet friction fastness enhance agent. The polyamine polymer dye-fixing enhance agent will react with dye and form insoluble salt, and increase the dyeing.

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