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Application of Hydrophilic Smooth Silicone Oil 6638

Application of Hydrophilic Smooth Silicone Oil 6638

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Physical and Chemical Indicators

  • Model: Hydrophilic stiff smooth silicone oil 6638

  • Main component: Polymer complex

  • Appearance: Milky white liquid

  • Ionicity: Weak cationic

  • pH value: 5.0~6.0

Working Mechanism

Efficient surface filming property

The efficient surface filming property ensures the stiffness and smoothness of the fabric surface.

Superb penetrability into the fabric

Under the action of superb penetrability, the silicone oil enters the fabric, greatly enhancing the fabric's drape effect.

Excellent binding force for a more relaxed, thick, and elastic fabric

After fabric shaping, the soft segments reduce the friction coefficient between the fibers, resulting in excellent elasticity of the fabric.

Application Evaluation

Applied fabricHand feel hydrophilicity6638 ( 40g/L)Competitor A ( 40g/L)Competitor B ( 40g/L)
Red 40S cotton plain weaveHand feel (stiffness, smoothness)4.544
Hydrophilicity5 seconds8 seconds6 seconds
T/C vulcanized blackHand feel (stiffness, smoothness)4.53.54
Hydrophilicity10 seconds17 seconds12 seconds
Pale blue 20S cotton plain weaveHand feel (stiffness, smoothness)4.543.5
Hydrophilicity6 seconds10 seconds7 seconds
Note: Hand feel rating, 5 being the best and 1 being the worst. Competitor A and Competitor B are similar products from another company in the market.

Stability Test


Left: Heated at 80°C for 30 minutes, Middle: Alkali resistance (pH=10) heated at 80°C for 30 minutes, Right: Anionic resistance heated at 80°C for 30 minutes. All results show stable and no demulsification phenomenon.

Product advantages

  • Mainly used for hydrophilic stiff smooth ice-like finishing of fabrics, providing excellent hydrophilicity, stiffness, smoothness, elasticity, and drape.

  • Strong versatility, can meet the hand feel requirements of cotton, polyester-cotton, and polyester-cotton blended fabrics at the same time.

  • Good alkali and anion resistance stability.

  • Excellent hydrophilic performance.

  • Excellent compounding compatibility, can be compounded with other softeners to meet various hand feel requirements.

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