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Honghao Chemical Helps Smooth Conduction of the 39th "Printing and Dyeing Additive" Annual

Honghao Chemical Helps Smooth Conduction of the 39th "Printing and Dyeing Additive" Annual

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On October 17-18, the 39th Annual Conference of "Printing and Dyeing Additives" was held in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province. The conference brought together senior experts in the industry and representatives from textile printing and dyeing additives companies to discuss the development and application of energy-saving, emission-reducing, green and environmentally friendly new materials and technologies in the textile additives industry. At the conference, our R&D engineer Dr. Cheng Wenjing was invited to give a keynote speech.

As a supporting unit, Honghao Chemical Co., Ltd. showcased our products and technological achievements. We had in-depth exchanges with experts from all over the country, sharing our experience and insights in the research, production, and application of printing and dyeing additives.

At the same time, we also listened to the voices of industry peers and learned about new dynamics and trends in the industry. Through interaction and communication with other companies, we gain in-depth understanding of market demand and valuable industry insights.


Dr. Cheng Wenjing, our R&D engineer, gave a detailed presentation on "Improvement Solutions for Fabric Color Fastness," discussing the problems in the current research progress of dyeing technology, the influencing factors of fabric color fastness, and improvement solutions. She introduced the product performance, characteristics, and application in the actual production field of the improvement solutions through rich and detailed examples, which gained unanimous recognition from the audience.


Through this annual conference, we have further obtained industry trends and development information and grasped market opportunities. Honghao Chemical Co., Ltd. has always been committed to the research, production, sales, and service of high-performance and environmentally friendly textile additives products. In the future, Honghao Chemical will continue to understand the development trend of the industry, keep up with the pace of the times, constantly innovate, and contribute to the green, efficient, and energy-saving development of the industry through technological innovation.


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