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The Sales Vanguard Launch Meeting Held Successfully

The Sales Vanguard Launch Meeting Held Successfully

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Sales Vanguard Launch Meeting


Guangdong Honghao Chemical Co., Ltd.


Qingyuan, Guangdong

Keywords 1: Systematic

Keywords 2: Replicable

Keywords 3: Win battles

Keywords 4: Listing objective

Sales Vanguard


To further increase the company's sales, ensure the completion of the company's annual sales target, after the company's research, it is decided to launch the Sales Vanguard Project, according to the advancement of the Sales Vanguard Project, forming a replicable system for the company's sales team.

Part 1 Project Leader Sharing


Project Leader - Zeng Shumei

The establishment of the Sales Vanguard Project will elevate the sales system to new heights. The company has grown into a standardized large enterprise, with over three hundred members in the entire group.

Frontline marketing is crucial for operational front end, and systematic management is very important. We introduce an advanced management system to make marketing processes systematic, standardized, and rational, cultivate excellent sales personnel, achieve high performance and efficiency, and promote the company to achieve its listing objective soon.

Part 2 Project Promotion


Creating professional standards for sales teams

Establishing a replicable system for sales teams

Project Pledge


Focus on results, reap growth;

Respect differences, open sharing;

No excuses, full participation;

Concentrate attentively, self-responsibility;

Never give up, create value;

Do as you say, stick to your promises.

Leadership speech


Project Leader Address

Deputy General Manager Fang Yong, the project leader, expressed gratitude to all departments of the marketing center in his speech. He mentioned that the established goals were successfully achieved in January and February of this year, thanks to the team's efforts and perseverance.

At the same time, he emphasized the importance of cultivating reserve cadres, which is crucial for the company's continued development. He expects the team to work together to "win battles" and push the company to go public soon.


General Manager Address

In his address, General Manager Fang Weihong emphasized three important points:

Firstly, he pointed out that personal growth is indispensable, and everyone should strive for progress and development.

Secondly, he believes that enhancing personal cultural literacy can strengthen communication skills with customers. Through sharing his own examples, he further highlighted the importance of learning and expects everyone to be able to speak confidently after learning.

Finally, General Manager Fang emphasized the company's internal reading culture. Through collective learning, the overall cognitive level of the team can be enhanced, and communication costs reduced. He firmly believes that our Sales Vanguard team will be able to "win battles" in the future.

Though the road is long, the destination is near;

Although the task is difficult, when done, it will surely succeed.

Every step we take forward makes the future more promising.

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