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The 15th Annual Meeting of Guangdong Textile Additives Industry Association Successfully Held

The 15th Annual Meeting of Guangdong Textile Additives Industry Association Successfully Held

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On August 26, the 15th Guangdong Textile Additives Industry Association Annual Conference for the year 2023 was successfully held in Huadu, Guangzhou, organized by the Guangdong Textile Additives Industry Association. The conference was attended by additives manufacturers, printing and dyeing companies, higher education institutions, research units, and various chemical companies from all over the country.

Promoting Development through Exchange and Insight into Market Trends


The conference invited senior experts in the industry to give reports on textile printing and dyeing additives research, production, and application, among many other aspects. During the conference, the Honghao Chemical team attentively listened to the experts' reports and views on the industry, learning about the latest technology and theoretical knowledge. Through exchange and learning from industry experts, we have gained insights and expanded our network of partners, laying a solid foundation for the further development of the company.

Careful Preparation with Continuous Visitors


Honghao Chemical carefully prepared a booth at the main entrance of the conference. We warmly welcomed all the attending guests with enthusiasm and professional service. All visiting customers showed great interest in the various innovative products and professional solutions continuously introduced by Honghao Chemical, and made inquiries and sample requests.

Continued Innovation and Breakthroughs Leading the Forefront of Development


Honghao Chemical is a large modern enterprise invested with more than 100 million RMB by HT Fine Chemical. Honghao Chemical values innovation and research and development, and has always adhered to technological innovation to support the green, environmentally friendly, efficient, and energy-saving development of the printing and dyeing industry. We provide sustainable development solutions for our customers and have achieved excellent results. In the future, Honghao Chemical will continue to uphold the values of people-oriented, customer-first, teamwork, innovation, integrity, passion, and dedication, striving to become a leader in the textile additives industry and bring more innovation and breakthroughs to the printing and dyeing industry!

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