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Honghao Chemical Makes a Presence at the Bangladesh International Dye and Chemical Exhibition, Showc

Honghao Chemical Makes a Presence at the Bangladesh International Dye and Chemical Exhibition, Showc

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On September 13, 2023, the Honghao Chemical Sales Team attended the 2023 Bangladesh International Dye and Chemicals Exhibition at the Bangladesh-China Friendship Hall. This participation has laid a solid foundation for the development of our overseas business and has also opened up new ideas for our product research and development.


During the exhibition, our core products in the textile additives field, with their excellent performance and environmental characteristics, have received widespread attention and praise, attracting numerous customers' inquiries and sample requests. In order to allow customers to have a deeper understanding of the advantages and characteristics of the products, our professional sales team actively interacted with customers, fully devoted themselves, and provided detailed product explanations and negotiations, winning praise from customers from all over the world.


We explained the products' features and advantages patiently to customers in the exhibition hall, and customers showed great interest in our products.


In recent years, Honghao Chemical has not only made continuous breakthroughs in the research and production of textile additives but has also actively expanded into foreign markets and participated in international exchanges and cooperation. This trip to Bangladesh has provided an opportunity for us to showcase our accumulated technological strength, innovation capabilities, and product advantages on the international stage. It is not only an opportunity for Honghao Chemical to display its image and brand strength on the international stage but also opens up new paths for our international development.


Honghao Chemical has always been committed to providing technical solutions for textile chemistry. We firmly believe that continuous innovation is the key to standing undefeated in the fierce market competition. We will uphold the spirit of innovation and continue to deepen our involvement in the textile additives industry, providing more environmentally friendly products and services to the global textile industry.

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