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The Moisture And Soft New Height Of Chemical Fiber Fabric [RL-CK Oil]

The Moisture And Soft New Height Of Chemical Fiber Fabric [RL-CK Oil]

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Chemical fiber is a kind of fabric property fiber with natural or human-made high molecular compound as raw material and dealt in the process of spinning solution, intertexture spinning, and finishing. It has the advantage of bright color, soft, good draping, good hand-feeling and comfortable. The disadvantages is a bad performance in abrasion resistance, heat resistance, moisture absorbing. It is easy to transform into heat and static. Emeer developed a chemical fiber moisture softener EM-CK oil and provide a perfect solution for the bad performance in wear- resisting, heat-resisting, moisture absorbing and gas permeability of chemical fiber. It make the chemical fabric have the better performance. It also makes fiber texture have better performance in moisture and glossiness. And it can be applied in the finishing of the jeans and clothes. It can improve the anti-tearing ability of the fabric. Using with the softener RL-308, the soft, fluffy, and hydrophilic result will be achieved. Chemical fiber: chemical fiber is a fiber with natural or human-made high molecular material as raw material. According to the origin of the raw material, it can be classified into regenerated fiber and synthetic fiber.

Types: regenerated fiber(regenerated cellulose fibre, polynosic fiber), Synthetic fiber(dacron, chinlone, acrylic fibers, vinylon, chloro fibre and spandex.)

Property: regenerated cellulose fibre---soft hand-feeling, good glossiness, good hygroscopicity, good gas permeability, easy to dyeing, But bad wet fastness and bad elasticity.

polynosic fiber--- good strength, wear well, Low shrinkage rate, good elasticity, and alkali resistance.

Dacron--- good elasticity and strength, wear well, not easy to transform, but bad arthroscopic, bad gas permeability, lousiness.

Chinlon---good strength, wear well, bad hygroscopicity, bad gas permeability, lousiness.

Acrylic fibers---also called synthesis wool, bad hygroscopicity, poor wear resistance.

Vinylon---also called synthesis cotton, good hygroscopicity, wear well, light resistance, corrosion resistance.

chlorine fibre---good corrosion resistance, good thermal insulation property, but bad heat resistance.

Spandex-also called Lycra, good elasticity, it can be combined with other fiber and form covering yarn.

In China, few customers think the property of chemical fiber is good than natural fiber. But in developed country, there are opposite view. Most of the consumer hold the idea that chemical fiber is more comfortable, hand-feeling and varied-functional than natural fiber. Chemical fiber is a new fabric developed in recent years. It has different types. Here we mainly refer to the pure chemical fiber fabric by pure spin, blending and intertexture. Not the BL intertexture with the natural fiber. The property of the chemical fiber is depended on it’s property. So chemical fiber moisture and softener EM-Ck oil can help people to feel the comfortable and various function of chemical fiber.

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