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How Do Dyeing Auxiliaries Achieve the Purpose of Coloring?

How Do Dyeing Auxiliaries Achieve the Purpose of Coloring?

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1. Introduction of dyeing auxiliaries

In recent years, the chemical industry has developed very rapidly while more and more chemical products have been applied to our daily lives, many of which are put into the market. With more and more extensive application of chemical products in our lives, the use of different chemical products in different fields plays a very important role. Dyeing auxiliaries are chemical products that are used more in our production and life. However, there must be many people do not know it very well. Only after we know how it works can we find the purpose of coloring.

Dyeing auxiliaries can remove cotton seed hulls, waxes, pectin-like substances, nitrogen-containing substances, pigments and other impurities on the cotton fiber, as well as sizing agent remaining on the cloth. What's more, the auxiliaries can effectively improve the printing and dyeing and finishing effect because of the excellent performance of appearance and water absorption. The dyeing auxiliary synthetic fiber does not need to be scoured, but the blended fabric with cotton fiber still needs with soda ash instead of caustic soda, or a caustic soda solution with lower concentration.

2. The coloring of dyeing auxiliaries

Dyeing auxiliaries need to add some surfactants to the scouring liquid. Its binder is the main component of the pigment printing paste and is a polymer film-forming substance. The coating is attached to the fabric through film formation to improve the permeability of lye, promote the emulsification of waxy material, and make the impurities separated from the fiber further dispersed in the scouring solution. The film-forming effect of the binder can help the dyeing auxiliaries firmly adhere the insoluble dye to the fabric to color.

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