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How Many Kinds of Defoaming Agents Are There for Textile Printing and Dyeing?

How Many Kinds of Defoaming Agents Are There for Textile Printing and Dyeing?

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In the textile industry, due to the addition of various surfactants to assist production by manufacturers, foam will be generated in various processes after stirring and mechanical shaking. The foam in the liquid directly affects the smooth progress of various processes and the quality of the products, so manufacturers will choose different defoamers for different processes to solve the foam problem in a targeted manner. In order to ensure the high quality of materials, it's crucial to choose the right defoamer for fabric factory. So, what are the defoamers that are often used in the textile printing and dyeing industry?

1. Defoaming agent for textile pretreatment

When fabrics are desizing, scouring, bleaching and washing, the defoaming agent is added to improve the pretreatment effect. Therefore, the defoamer must have good permeability, be able to withstand high temperatures, and be evenly dispersed, so that the desizing agent, scouring and bleaching agent, and detergent can evenly penetrate into the fabric.

2. Defoaming agent for textile dyeing

There is foam in the liquid of the dyeing slurry. If the defoamer is not used in time, color spots, stains and uneven color will be formed on the fabric, which will seriously affect the quality of the product. Therefore, all kinds of dyeing machines, including rope, jig dyeing, warp beam and socks dyeing, etc., need to add this dyeing defoaming agent in the processing process, which can withstand high temperatures and does not affect the appearance of the product. So it is necessary to choose a reliable textile auxiliary manufacturer.

3. Defoaming agent for textile printing

In the process of textile printing, the existence of foam should be avoided, otherwise it is easy to produce white spots, spots, or uneven color of the fabric pattern, blurring and so on. Therefore, a printing defoamer is added to ensure the quality of the product. The defoamer is also required to not affect the viscosity and color appearance of the slurry. It can be quickly dispersed and has strong self-emulsification. The low and high viscosity systems can maintain the anti-foaming effect for a long time.

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