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Fluorine Free Waterproof Agent HT-NF05

Fluorine Free Waterproof Agent HT-NF05

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Brief information

HT-NF05 does not contain fluorine. It is a fluorine-free waterproof agent synthesized by special technology. With a crosslinking agent, the fabric can have excellent durable water repellent effect. And there is no safety doubts derived from PFOA and PFOS. The working fluid has high stability and good processing continuity. It has good water drop elasticity and water resistance and has little effect on peel strength. It can be used for processing and finishing of general coating and film sticking fabric.

Physical index of product

Table 1: basic product indicators

Product name


PH Value




yellowish white liquid


Weak cation

Soluble in water

Product stability

Temperature stability

Take 100ml of HT-NF05 waterproof agent in 200ml transparent glass bottle and place them at 45°C, 20°C and 5°C environment for one week to observe the phenomenon.

Table 2 temperature bearing stability

Sample name

stability at


stability at


stability at



no delamination

no delamination

no delamination

Shear resistance stability

The 50g/L working fluid of the HT-NF05 waterproof agent was prepared and operated at high speed for 10 min at 1000 rpm of the shear machine. Then the working fluid was filtered with a black cotton cloth and the phenomenon was observed.

Table 3 shear resistance stability

Sample name

shear stability



Shear resistance stability


Shear resistance stability: good

It can be seen from table 2 and table 3 that the stability of HT-NF05 in temperature resistance and shear resistance is good.

Product application effect

Application process and conditions

Recommended formula: it is recommended to use according to the type, gram weight and processing machinery and equipment. Use 20-100g / L, and treat with crosslinking agent.

*In order to maintain the effect and stability of the water, please be sure to strengthen the washing of the processed cloth 1-2 times before the water transfer.

(such as dye leveling agent, fixing agent, and alkali agent residue)

HT-NF05 20~100g/L

Crosslinking agent 10-20g / L

PH processing bath adjustment: 5.0-6.0 (citric acid or acetic acid adjustment)

Process A: dipping and rolling → drying & heat setting (150 ~ 180 ℃ × 1 ~ 3min)

Process B: soaking and rolling → drying (110 ℃× 1 ~ 2min) → heat setting (150 ~ 170 ℃× 1 ~ 2min)

Application effect

1. After finishing with HT-NF05 fluorine-free waterproof agent, the initial waterproof and washing resistance can be improved

2. The color of the processed fabric becomes smaller

3. Less roll sticking

Product performance

  • It gives the processed fabric high water resistance;

  • It has good stability and little roll sticking during the processing;

  • The color of the processed fabric becomes smaller;

  • After waterproof, there are less white marks on the cloth surface.

Product precautions

  • Please store it in a cool place to prevent qualitative change. Please use it as soon as possible after opening.

  • Please close the lid of the opened product when it is not in use.

  • Please confirm product compatibility before use

  • Generally, it has good compatibility with additives used in the finishing process, but the direct mixing of the original solution should be avoided when adjusting the liquid.

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