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How to Choose Dyeing Auxiliaries? What Are the Principles Used?

How to Choose Dyeing Auxiliaries? What Are the Principles Used?

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With the intensification of market competition, many textile dyeing enterprises pay more attention to the selection of dyeing auxiliaries. Recently, the international requirements for the ecological and environmental protection of textiles have become more and more strict, which leads to the environmental protection and economical problems of the selection of dyeing auxiliaries. Through years of contact with various textile dyeing enterprises, we have some knowledge and experience of this issue. We will communicate with you here to discuss the principles of the selection of dyeing auxiliaries.

1. Environmental protection of dyeing auxiliaries

This is the first consideration and must be satisfied at present; in the international environment, non-environmental auxiliary agents will be rejected. In addition to checking the raw materials, the auxiliary agent manufacturers also need to test and certify the finished products.

2. Applicability of dyeing auxiliaries

It is the inherent attribute and basic requirement of auxiliaries; dyeing auxiliaries give an auxiliary role to the whole process of textile processing, so that the processing can be carried out smoothly, efficiently and stably. Applicability is the key to the selection of dyeing auxiliaries. The dyeing auxiliaries used must meet the processing technology and quality requirements.

3. Stability of dyeing auxiliaries

The stability of the product quality of dyeing auxiliaries is directly related to the processing quality and processing efficiency of textiles; auxiliary agents with poor stability will seriously affect the process quality, causing rework and repair, and directly affecting the cost and delivery time.

4. The economy of dyeing auxiliaries

At present, the market competition is fierce, and people become more sensitive to product prices; on the premise of meeting the quality requirements and being stable and reliable, it is wise to choose low-cost dyeing auxiliaries.

5. Technical support for dyeing auxiliaries

Dyeing enterprises are increasingly dependent on technical services and support. Strong and effective technical support is an increasingly important competitive weapon for dyeing auxiliaries manufacturers.

The above is the principle of selecting dyeing auxiliaries, and it is also the basis for the scientific selection of dyeing auxiliaries by dyeing enterprises. If the dyeing enterprises really do this, it will be conducive to the sustainable and healthy development of their own enterprises, and will also have the effect of survival of the fittest in the auxiliary industry, which is very beneficial to the healthy development of the entire textile printing and dyeing industry.

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