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Application of Environmentally Friendly Wet Rubbing Fastness Improving Agent HT-825 In Textiles

Application of Environmentally Friendly Wet Rubbing Fastness Improving Agent HT-825 In Textiles

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(I) Introduction of Product:

Wet rubbing fastness improving agent can link dyes to fibers to form compounds, and it reacts with dyes, they can be crosslinked with cellulose fibers, so that dyes and fibers can be tightly and firmly linked. The combination of dye and fiber is strengthened to prevent the dye from falling off or swimming from the fiber to the surface of the fiber, and to avoid the decrease of color fastness, so as to enhance the wet rubbing fastness.
The floating color on the fiber is extremely disadvantageous to the color fastness to wet rubbing. The deep color reactive dye dyed fabric should be boiled twice, but too many times of this step will destroy the dyestuff already dyed, thus the phenomenon of breaking bond will occur and the effect will be decreased, but use our wet rubbing fastness improving agent can solve this problem effectively.

1.Product physical index:

Wet rubbing fastness improving agent 825 is light yellow to yellow transparent liquid and the pH is 3-4 in 1% water solution. It is soluble in water and the product does not contain formaldehyde and APEO, so it is environmentally friendly, in line with the requirements of the EU OEKO-TEX Standard 100. The high flash point is in line with export transportation.

2.Product characteristics:

Used for fixation treatment of cellulose fiber after dyeing, it can greatly improve the wet rubbing fastness to 1 - 1. 5 grade, even 3 grade or more. It can be directly used with water, so it is easy to use. It can be bathed with the our company’s special matching silicone oil. The fabric feels soft and has no effect on color and daylight fastness.

3.Applicable variety:

Cellulose fiber and its blended fabrics are cured, active, direct, dyed with indigo dyes and coatings for improved rubbing fastness.


Setting machine(Padding)、Washing machine(Dipping is for washing factory only)


5-1 Formula



Dipping(for washing factory only)


Wet rubbing fastness improving agent HT-825



Bath ratio



5-2 Process

(1)Dipping(for washing factory only)
Dyed fabric(PH≤7)→dipping(40℃,time:20~30min)→Dry
Dyed fabric(PH≤7)→One dip & pad(water retention:80~85%)→Dry

(II)Test performance

1. Application effect of different fabrics

Fabric Variaty



HT-825 + Maching Silicone Oil

Knitted Sulpur


Active Brushed

2、Application effect of denim indigo and coating

Fabric Variaty



HT-825+ Maching Silicone Oil

Denim Indigo30g/L

Denim Indigo50g/L


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