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How to Use Dyeing Auxiliaries and Basic Requirements for Coloring?

How to Use Dyeing Auxiliaries and Basic Requirements for Coloring?

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In recent years, the chemical industry has developed rapidly, and more and more chemical products have been applied to our lives. Many of them are put into our market as products. The application of chemical products in our life has become more and more extensive, and the use of different chemical products plays an important role in different fields.

Dyeing auxiliaries are chemical products that are used more in our production and life. Maybe many people do not know much about it, so let's take a look at how it works, so as to achieve the purpose of coloring.

1. The use of dyeing auxiliaries

Dyeing auxiliaries are used to remove impurities such as cottonseed husks, waxes, pectin substances, nitrogen-containing substances and pigments on cotton fibers, as well as the residual pulp on the cloth. Dyeing auxiliaries can obtain good appearance and water absorption performance, which effectively improves the effect of dyeing and finishing. The dyeing auxiliaries do not need to be boiled for synthetic fibers, but the blended fabric with cotton fiber still needs to be smelted, but soda ash should be used instead of caustic soda, or a caustic soda solution with a lower concentration should be used.

2. How dyeing auxiliaries achieve the purpose of coloring?

Dyeing auxiliaries also need to add some surfactants to the scouring liquid. The dyeing auxiliaries binder is the main component of the paint printing paste, and it is a polymer film-forming substance. Through film-forming, the paint is adhered to the fabric to improve the permeability of the lye, promote the emulsification of the wax, and so that the impurities separated from the fibers are further shaken and dispersed in the cooking liquid. Dyeing auxiliaries use the film-forming effect of the adhesive to firmly adhere the insoluble dyes to the fabric, so as to achieve the purpose of coloring.

HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. ("HT" for short), established in 2005, is a large-scale high-tech dyeing auxiliaries manufacturer in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, China. We have been focusing on textile auxiliaries for more than ten years, integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

HT has a large workshop, complete production equipment, strong research and development capabilities, testing laboratories, more than 30 reactors and a complete sewage treatment system. All products meet environmental protection standards, and HT has passed the third-party SGS international certification test.

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