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Wax removing Agent

Wax removing Agent

Definition of wax removing agent

Wax removing agent, also know as wax cleaning agent, is one kind of colorless nonionic liquid, especially used in the pretreatment of textile processing. This special chemical compound can effectively remove the oil and wax stains on the fabric, perfectly applied for the pure cotton fabrics.

Advantages of wax removing agent

Wax removing agent can effectively eliminate wax and wax stains on canvas
Cotton Hemp Textile appears wax spot problem, performance is the waterproof and dyeing, then carries on the process, causes many kinds of repairing problem flaw cloth, has affected the printing and dyeing product quality seriously.

Wax removing agent is a kind of paraffin remover and oil remover with excellent dispersing, emulsifying and washing ability, and it is also suitable for the scouring and bleaching process of various fabrics because of its high alkali resistance.

The wax removing agent has very good emulsification permeation ability, has the remarkable effect to the wax quality removal, at the same time can improve the water absorption energy of the yarn, the fabric, has the remarkable help to the higher high density fabric wool effect enhancement, for the further dyeing good solid foundation.

Wax removing agent is only one of the pretreatment processes in textiles, want to dye or print evenly, and both textile whiteness, softness and other performance improvement of fiber, fabric to miscellaneous treatment, singeing, desizing, cooking these steps can not be less, and then add in these steps.

In addition to wax agent pretreatment dyeing auxiliaries, can help textile quickly adapt to dyeing, washing and other processes. As for how to use, dip rolling, dip, can be based on their own textile selection of suitable process operation, convenient and fast!

Proper pretreatment is very important to the dyeing and finishing of textiles, especially in recent years, customers and consumers more stringent requirements for dyeing and printing products, such as color, color fastness, appearance, shrinkage rate, feel, etc., more prominent the importance of pretreatment. The main purpose of pretreatment is to make textiles suitable for dyeing and printing, and have good uniformity and repetition, reduce repairing, dyes, auxiliaries and water, energy consumption, improve the rate of finished products, reduce manpower input. With the high price of cotton, yarn and the quality of the slurry used more and more poor, resulting in the fabric appeared cotton wax removal of the problem.

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