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Moisture Friction Adhesion Improver 825G

Moisture Friction Adhesion Improver 825G

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Development Background

In order to meet the needs of international trade and environmental protection, many companies require the use of products with environmental certification. Among them, the bluesign® system is a symbol of environmental certification in the textile industry, with widespread influence and recognition by many domestic and foreign companies. It has gradually become a bridge for textile production companies to enter the high-end consumer market.

Environmental Moisture Friction Adhesion Improver 825G is a product that meets the bluesign® standard. After using this product, the wet rubbing fastness of the fabric can be improved by 1-1.5 levels compared to the original level.

Product Indicators


  • Main Component: Water-soluble Polyurethane

  • Appearance: Yellow Transparent Viscous Liquid (Darken after long-term placement)

  • Ionicity: Weak Cationic

  • pH Value (30g/L Water Solution): 4.0±0.5

  • Solubility: Easily dispersed in any proportion of tap water

Mechanism of Action

  • The -NCO group combines with the ions on the fabric through covalent bonds, improving the dye fixation rate.

  • A three-dimensional network structure forms a continuous and smooth film on the surface of the fabric, preventing dye detachment.

  • Cationic groups and dyes form insoluble color precipitates, which adhere to the fabric.

Application Effect


Performance Summary

  • Suitable for the finishing of all-cotton fabrics and blended fabrics, with good results.

  • Can be used in the same bath as silicone oil, saving production costs. (Cannot be mixed with anionic auxiliaries)

  • Achieves both effectiveness and environmental protection.

  • After use, the wet rubbing fastness of the fabric can be improved by 1-2 levels.

  • Good stability and slight odor.

  • The fabric feels soft.

  • Easy to use, simply dilute with water and use.

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