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This Color Fixative is Too Useful! Attached Test Report, Visible Color Fixing Effect!

This Color Fixative is Too Useful! Attached Test Report, Visible Color Fixing Effect!

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Aldehyde-free Color Fixative 900P

Color Fixation Mechanism

Color fixatives are usually added in fabric dyeing processes to reduce color bleeding, improve dye utilization, and enhance color fastness of the fabric, as well as decrease dye concentration in wastewater. Therefore, color fixatives play an important role in the dyeing process.


Reactive dyes, due to their simple structure, complete chromatogram, bright color, and good color fastness, are widely used in cellulose fiber dyeing. However, the presence of water-soluble groups in the dyes reduces the wet rubbing fastness, leading to severe fading and staining.

The cationic groups in the aldehyde-free color fixative can not only form ionic bonds with the sulfonic acid groups in the dyes, but also react with reactive groups on the fiber surface to form a multi-crosslinking system. This enhances the dye encapsulation degree and fiber binding strength, effectively reduces the water solubility of the dye, and thus improves color fastness.

Performance Characteristics

Good Effect

It has a strong color fixation ability and significantly improves the relevant color fastness of the fabric. It has a wide range of adaptability to dyes.

Minimal Impact

After the fabric is treated with the color fixative, it does not cause any color change and does not affect the fabric's hand feel.

Product Specifications


  • Deep yellow, slightly reddish transparent liquid

  • Easy to dissolve in water

  • Cationic

  • pH at 1%: 6±1

  • Resistant to acid, alkali, electrolyte, and hard water

Process Conditions


Effect Application - Pure Cotton

Intense blue color fixation variation (relative to the original fabric)


Wash fastness




Performance Application - Water Bubble Fastness


Effect Application - Polyester-Cotton Blend

Wash fastness



Water bubble fastness


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