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2018 Annual Party of HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. & Honghao Chemical Co.,Ltd. Goes Into Operation

2018 Annual Party of HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. & Honghao Chemical Co.,Ltd. Goes Into Operation

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On January 20th, 2018, this beautiful day, HT Fine Chemical company held a big party at Qingxin Garden Hotel, in order to express its thanks to all the staff in the past year of hardworking, as well to these supported customers, suppliers and friends for the company's fast development, at the same time, to celebrate the future additives in the new factory in Sihui city. Number of employees, guests and friends to attend as many as five hundred and seventy people.

The party kicked off with a celebratory song and dance:

At the beginning of the party, Mr. Fang Weihong, general manager of HT Fine Chemical, made a passionate speech. Fang Weihong general manager said: the new plant in Sihui  city had successfully completed the preliminary work, and under all sorts of difficulties and serious impact in the past year the company still obtained the excellent result of 200 million sales.

Development of enterprise depends on all staff's efforts, in the middle of the speech, Fang Weihong general manager expressed his heartfelt thanks to all staffs’ unremitting efforts for the development of enterprise.

After the speech, general manager Fang Weihong together with the guests, toasted for good health, happy work and happy family in the coming new year.

At the end of the toasting ceremony, the elite from different departments expressed their love and gratitude to the company with a recitation of a poem "I am proud, I am Hongtu people”.

At the party, the company performed a live commendation for the outstanding staff, sales and management in the past year.

After the award ceremony, various professional performance teams delivered wonderful performances to the participants:

During the wonderful performance, the party also interspersed with various cash lottery activities. Zhang xiaoying, manager of the financial department, has already raised the big red envelope in her hand, waiting for the lucky one to come and receive the award:

The second, third prizes and the special prizes were successively drawn out on the spot

The winners were happy to accept the prize.

The party ended successfully in a warm atmosphere.
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