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The Prevention of The Defect of Aberration Towards Calico

The Prevention of The Defect of Aberration Towards Calico

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The overcoming method
(1) To strengthen the pre—treatment of textile
The oil or greasy dirt contained on the fabric has a greater affinity for synthetic fibers, such as hydrophobic polyester so that it is not suitable to be washed. Especially before setting, the oil seeped into the fiber and made it difficult to wash. Fabric should be cleaned before desizing , scouring, bleaching, etc. For some fabrics containing a bit more polyester and other chemical fiber components, scouring and washing procedures should be adopted. And highly efficient scouring in textile and washing equipment must be selected. However, after washing, you must wash the textile auxiliaries; otherwise it will easily form tar with dyes and to make textile dirty.

(2) To prevent dye condensation firmly
(a) To select less condensed dyes under the dyeing conditions
b)  To use leveling agent or dispersing agent with excellent properties. When disperse dyes in high temperature to be dyeing, to add proper amount of leveling agent or dispersing agent can effectively improve the thermal stability of dyes in water bath, and reduce the tendency of thermal dye aggregation.

When the commonly used dispersants NNO, MF are in the process of warming up, they have a good diffusion stability to the dye in bath. However, the diffusion effect tends to decrease with the increase of temperature, and its levelness (the integrated reaction of retarding, migration, covering) is poor, the color is not bright enough nor pure. High temperature leveling agent, such as Toho salt UF-350, U-100 Suhl, Ningbo S leveling agent, are anionic and nonionic mixtures, so they have the dual function of both anionic and nonionic surfactants (with uniformity and good diffusivity), which are ideal to disperse dyes when dyeing in the high temperature.

(3) To prevent or reduce lake from producing as much as possible
Material should go on according to the regulations. It can add a certain amount of wetting diffusion agent to help disperse the dye evenly and to avoid producing lake.

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