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Congratulations to HT on the Success of Annual Meeting of 2017 Spring Festival

Congratulations to HT on the Success of Annual Meeting of 2017 Spring Festival

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HT Fine Chemical Co. Ltd. held a splendid and magnificent meeting in Fresh Garden Hotel on 8th January, 2017 for the gratitude to all the staff for their contributions and efforts as well as the support form the friends, clients and suppliers.

meeting in Fresh Garden Hotel

HT Fine Chemical Co. Ltd. 2017 meeting

The theme of the 2017 meeting was: solidarity, innovation, efficiency and gratitude.

theme of the 2017 meeting

Solidarity represented continued efforts to develop a leading group;innovation a priority and core competence; efficiency a long-term goal to reach;gratitude contributions and support form working staff, friends, and clients to make what the company is now.

Thus, HT guaranteed everybody on hand that unexpected achievements would be given to all the staff, friends and clients in days to come.

At 19 pm, the opening of the meeting was declared in the beating of drums and gongs when Fang Weihong, the general manager, delivered a speech on behalf of the whole company.

In his speech, Fang expressed warm greetings to all the people on hand, elaborated and concluded the achievements gained in 2016 and touched on the main development direction and goal of 2017.

Under the efforts of all the staff, HT company reached 150 million in total sales, a 25% increase compared with that of last year. The number of clients has exceeded 1,000 with over 200 new clients. The main development plan of 2017 is as follows.

Firstly, speed up the construction of the new factory in Sihui city and strive for its completion by the end of the year. The factory to be built in the chemical refinement base in Jianggu, Sihui city covers over 18,000 square meters which means the total area of the factory with other buildings reaches 18,500 square meters. The total investment of the project is 70 million yuan or so and the total production capacity can reach 300 million.

Secondly, continue to strengthen production management, product quality control, introduction of talents along with research and development.

Thirdly, continue to increase investment in foreign trade and strengthen the construction of overseas offices in the southeast Asia.

Fourthly, attend the China Interdye 2017 in Shanghai and increase the investment in print media and online advertising.

Fifthly, increase investment in research and development and manege to gain some issued patents.

After Fang’s speech, Cheng Wenjing, the director of the research and development department, elaborated the achievements gained in new products and the plan over research and development.

In addition, prizes were also awarded to the outstanding staff, group leaders, management cadres and salesmen.  

What’s more, the delightful dance and link of lucky drawing brought a climax to the whole meeting.

A new year marked a good beginning; a pleasant meeting combined drinks and friends. During the meeting, general manager Fang also drank and chatted with present guests and colleagues.

Finally, on the arrival of the New Year , wish all the staff, clients, suppliers and friends a good health and have a smooth working experience; wish HT company more and more successful !

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