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The New Plant Infrastructure Project is Progressing Smoothly

The New Plant Infrastructure Project is Progressing Smoothly

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Despite of the unstable weather recently, the new plant infrastructure projects of HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd in the four fine Chemical Industrial Park is progressing smoothly as planed under the effort of all levels’ staff.
A total of four new plant office building has completed the construction of three-tier structure.

New Plant Infrastructure Project

The main works of the first warehouse in the new plant was almost completed, and the construction of the first workshop was also started simultaneously.
New Plant Infrastructure Project2
The new plant's sewage treatment system has completed the infrastructure.

Other projects of the new plant are also under intense processing.
New Plant Infrastructure Project3
According to the principal of new plant, Lin Huadai, introduced that the new plant will begin production equipment installation, plant network construction and others probably in July and August. If the follow-up project construction smoothly, HT new plant will be trial production at the end of the year and put into production next year offici

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