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Dye Fixing Agents—— Our Special Products

Dye Fixing Agents—— Our Special Products

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HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. has launched dye fixing agents with a heavy pound!

Dye fixing agents is one of the important assistants in printing and dyeing industry. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, dyeing and finishing technology has also been significantly improved. The expansion of international textile trade and the improvement of people's living standards and environmental awareness require textiles to be comfortable, clean and safe.

In view of the current customers'opinions, our company adopts imported formula raw materials and elaborately develops new environmental protection products instead of film. Its emulsification is convenient, the emulsion is stable, softness, fluffiness, smoothness, and gloss are a major breakthrough in the film market. It is the preferred product for printing and dyeing factories and washing factories to reduce costs and improve product quality. The same principle applies to dye fixing agents.

The technical qualification of this dye fixing agent is almost the same as those of the imported fixing agent from Germany. It is a special dye fixing agents for wool, nylon, silk, leather and other fibers dyed with anionic dyes (acid dyes, metal complexing dyes). The washing fastness, sweat stain fastness, sunshine fastness and chlorine fastness of the treated dyes were greatly improved.
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