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Dacron Chemical Agent│ The Application Requirement to the Dacron High Temperature Levelling Agent

Dacron Chemical Agent│ The Application Requirement to the Dacron High Temperature Levelling Agent

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High-temperature and high-pressure dyeing is the main dyeing method adopted by Dacron fiber. Owing to these characteristics of Dacron, its put forward special requirement for the leveling agent. And the difference of semi-finished Dacron fabric on the types put forward a new requirement for the high-temperature leveling agent. So besides the basic conditions, 130℃ is provided in the process of retarding and migration, some special conditions also need to be provided to semi-finished Dacron fabric. Or the special application requirement to high temperature and high-pressure dyeing will not be met.

The basic function of high temperature and high-pressure leveling agent.
Hydrophobic disperse dyes is applied in the Dacron fiber dyeing. But its hydrophobic property makes its difficult to dissolve in the water, which is a contradictory thing in the dyeing process in which, the water is the medium. So the dispersing agent and other surfactant is mixed in the dispersing dyeing agent in the proportion of 1:1.5. And the high-temperature leveling agent adding in the dye bath also function as a supplement. Which help the particles in the dye bath suspense and disperse in the even and stable disperse. This is especially important for the light and neutral color. Because for the light and neutral fabric, the dye is used less than the deep color fabric, And the disperse agent is less in the dyeing process. The high-temperature leveling agent will be a supplement to this.
The leveling agent possesses the function of retarding. But the migration property is also needed to match with the disperse agent.Because there is no chemical reaction in the process of Dacron dying using dispersing dye agent. And the tight structure of Dacron fabric functions as retarding.The migration will supplement in this aspect. Especially when the temperature is up to 130℃, most of the dyes in the fabric have been dyed on the fabrics. And the retarding function has finished. Now the migration is working. And it will promote the functions of leveling agent.
So retarding, migration and disperse is the basic function of high-temperature leveling agent. And it is the basic function of different dyeing machine.

The special requirement on classification
Different dyeing process on different dyeing machine put forward a special requirement for high-temperature leveling agent. Beside the basic functions above, the low foam type, anti-sludging type, penetrating type also help to form series.
Leveling is important to fabric dyeing.So the leveling agent is important. And the high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing, the diversity of semi-finished fabric and the selection of dyeing machine put forward requirement on the variety of the high-temperature leveling agent. So the development of high-temperature leveling agent in series and specificity is necessary. Thus, it will meet the requirement in the production.
However, we also need to know that leveling agent is not the only factor which decides the success of dyeing. Other factors include the choose of type, temperature rising, the operation of stop buffer, situation of equipment. Only all process work together keeps the leveling process stable.
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