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Reactive Dye Levelling Agent for Wool

Reactive Dye Levelling Agent for Wool

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In printing and dyeing process, how to avoid uneven phenomenon is one of the important indexes of printing and dyeing. Levelling agent is the auxiliary that can be used in the fiber and makes the fabric dyes evenly. One of the functions of levelling agent is making the dyes slowly absorbed by the fibre. The second function of dyeing agent is when it is the uneven dyeing, the dark part of the dye moves towards the light part, and finally, achieve levelling. Therefore, retarding and migration are the two most important functions of levelling agent.

Levelling agent is the auxiliary that has affinity to fiber and dyes, which can promote dye exhaustion, so that they can quickly penetrate into the fiber, achieving dispersion and obtain uniform dyeing effect. It can promote a variety of fabric surface levelness, improve damaged tip of wool fiber, make the wool in its original quality at 85℃.

It should be noted that it can not be combined with other anionic additives, and can not be excessive if the amount is more than 2%, it will reduce the dye absorption rate.

Reactive Dye Levelling Agent for Wool

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