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FAQ of fixing agent remover

FAQ of fixing agent remover

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Q. The fabric after fixation is easy to be dyed unevenly, how to solve this problem?
A. After the fabric treated by fixing agent, a protective film will be formed on the surface of the fabric. If we cannot remove the fixing agent before changing color, the fabric will be dyed unevenly. At this time, it's recommended to use the fixing agent remover to effectively remove the fixing agent and improve the uniformity of the coloring.

Q: Is it trouble for the fixing agent remover processing?
A. It's very convenient for operation. Take dye fixing agent remover tr-22 as an example, about 3-5 g/l, in the temperature of 90, 30 minutes around.

Q. What are the performance characteristics of the fixing agent remover?
A. 1. It is suitable for direct dyes, acid dyes and reactive dyes, etc.
2. It can solve the dyeing defects of color produced by the residue of fixative agent.
3. It can be used with various dyeing auxiliaries.
4. It has good masking, which does not affect the color development of dye.

Q. What are the applications of the fixing agent remover?
A. The remover is a product developed for the removal of fixing agent. When using direct dyes, acid dyes, reactive dyes to dye, it often needs to repair the color after fixation, because of the existence of fixing agent that resulting uneven dyeing. Fixing agent remover is a good product to solve this problem.
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