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Alkali Substitute/Organic Substitution Alkali for Dyeing 071

Alkali Substitute/Organic Substitution Alkali for Dyeing 071

The alkali substitution can be widely used in printing and dyeing industry, textile industry, yarn dyeing, cloth dyeing etc.

Although some dyes can dye a relatively bright color, because of the dye with water-soluble group, make poor wet fastness, fade and serious color phenomenon, thus not only make the appearance of textile itself old, at the same time dye off and stain on the white or other color of the fiber, resulting in stain and color mix phenomenon, such as direct dyes and acidic dyes easily with these problems. Alkali substitute, this kind of textile auxiliary agent can solve the problem well, which is a good substitute of caustic soda. With the use of printing and dyeing, bleaching and pretreatment one bath process, it's applicable to the traditional process of caustic soda in all aspects, especially the alkali resistant cotton, polyester, blended, chemical fiber, yarn, silk, linen fabrics such as desizing, scouring, degreasing, oil removal and bleaching treatment.

Environmentally friendly reactive dyes fixing color alkali substitute, is a high concentration compound alkali, appearance in white powder, excellent permeability, diffusion and solubility, small dosage for color fixing. All the dyeing indexes can reach even better than soda ash, which can effectively improve the fastness of the dyed fabric.

The components of the alkali substituted can be roughly summed up as the components of the supply of alkalinity and buffer, dispersants and sequestering agent. The alkali and buffer components are interdependent and interacting, which can obtain the satisfactory alkalinity and the buffer capacity as large as possible, which is the base of substitution base. The dosage of dispersant and sequestering agent is very low. The alkaline components used in the preparation of the alkali substituted are potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide, while the buffering component with a variety of options.

[Brief information]
1. HT-071 is a brand new alkali substitute by advanced technology of EU and US.
2. Amount of HT- 071 is only 1/10 of soda ash, and better washing and rubbing fastness than that of soda ash.
3. Saves water and energy while HT- 071 requires 2 to 3 times washing and soda ash requires at least 4 times.
4. Lower COD that lowers ETP cost and achieves cost saving and environment protection.

[Main composition]

Alkali compound of organic and inorganic substances.

[General properties]
Appearance: white powder
pH: 10.5 – 11.5 (1% solution)
Ionicity: nonionic
Solubility: easily soluble in water
Stability: stable to acid, alkali, electrolytes and hard water

[Product features]
1. An optimized alkali substitute with excellent buffer performance that can replace soda ash while the amount is only 1/10 of soda ash in cellulose fibres and their blends dyeing with reactive dyestuffs. Meanwhile, confers controllable synchronous dyeing and fixing.
2. Does not cause white spots due to low quality water with high concentration of calcium and magnesium ions, or residual carbonates from incomplete washing of soda ash.
3. Easy dilution and operation with low cost.

4. Suitable for all kinds of equipment and various reactive dyestuffs with synchronous dyeing and fixing at different water ratio.

Dilution: weighs exact amount and dilutes 10 times in auxiliary tank before dyeing tank.
Dosing: does slowly add 1/3 of the amount, and then adds the leaving 2/3 at a time.
Dosage: 1/10 of soda ash

Dipping: calculates at water ration while bath ratio is above 10 and O.W.F while bath ratio is below 10.

1. Reduce the weight loss (more than 5% reduce compared with caustic soda process);
2. Reduce the production cost comprehensively: cost effectively, save the cost more than 50% than soda material;
3. Be used with other types of auxiliaries, better effect;
4. No harmful chemical elements such as APEO;
5. Low alkali discharge of waste water;
6. Easy to use, simple to operate;
7. Improve the production environment, and realize the cleaner production;
8. Short process flow, save time 60-90 min;
9. Save a large amount of water, only 1/2 of the caustic soda process;
10. Reduce steam usage, only 1/3 of caustic soda process;
11. Save sewage treatment costs, about 1/7 of the caustic process;
12. Protect the fabric fiber;
13. Avoid fabric damage, and improve the strength of fabric;
14. Small package, NO fly ash;
15. Powerful dispersion, can effectively prevent the production of white powder, and make the fiber bright;
16. Excellent alkalinity buffering force, extremely high solubility, twice of soda ash, prevent effectively the dyeing defect;
17. No heat when dissolved in water.

[Packaging and storage]
25 kg/bag, 12 months in sealed packing at room temperature and keeps off moisture

The data contained in this literature are based on our current knowledge and experience. It is imperative that it be tested to determine, to your satisfaction, whether it is suitable for your intended use and application. We shall not take any responsibility in any situation for improper use.

[Sample supply]
If you need samples for testing, please feel free to contact us, we will recommend suitable products according to your requirement.

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