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Good silicone softener

Good silicone softener

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Silicone softener is a fatty acid quaternary ammonium compound, mainly used for cotton and blended fabric as softener. The fabric feels good and have good hydrophilicity after it is dealt with the silicone softener. With the characteristics like convenient emulsification, stable emulsion, low yellowing, no oil bleaching and etc, it is a very good non-silicone softener. It helps in solving the traditional utility difficulty like the instability, insolubility, the foam and etc. This kind of silicone softener can be applied to various fibers due to the extremely low yellowing and excellent softness. Thus, it is classified into newly type of softener.


Silicone softener can be used to deal with all kinds of fabric:

Such as: HT FINE Piperazine Silicone Oil PT23 is a special softener for denim chemical fiber fabrics. It brings the chemical fiber fabric very good bulkiness, hydrophilicity and moisturizing effect. Compared with the traditional silicone softener, it doubles the hand feeling. The stripping and dyeing with changed color is also easy to achieved. And the use effect is also very good. Be dealt with the silicone softener, the yarn or the fabric feels fluffy and soft. With good hydrophilicity and anti-static property, the clothes wears comfortable. The silicone softener have very small effect on the whiteness and color of textiles. The good stability and compatibility of alkali, salt, anionic makes it especially suitable for pure polyester, polyester cotton and blended fabrics.


Super Soft Silicone Softener 3162 is particularly applicable to all kinds of cotton, knitted fabric, cloth and other textiles for softening, and it has more significant effect on acrylic fiber hand feeling.

Hydrophilic Amino Silicone Oil 3071E makes acrylic fiber, chemical fiber and blended fabric good softness, bulkiness and smooth hand feeling; it has strong moisture absorption of polyester fiber, and can obviously improve the water absorbent ability of fiber fabric, With low foam, it overcomes the shortcomings of other softener' large bubbles in the use.

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