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The Characteristics and Advantages of polyether silicone softener

The Characteristics and Advantages of polyether silicone softener

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1. Being designed specially, the molecular structure can solve the technical bottlenecks, poor stability, which is common in the market, of the silicone polyether polyester amide combining various organic groups together,such as organosilicon, polyether, amide and polyester and in this synthesis process, adding organic amine can polymerize into silicone softener oil with new structure, and it is stable.

2. Polyether hydrophilic exists in the structure of multi copolymerization epoxy silicone,so there is no need to use expensive ED series polyether amine in block subsequent polymerization,which effectively reduce the cost of raw materials of silicone softener oil and avoid the problem that some domestic polyetheramines conversion rate is unstable.

3. Because of its high reaction activity,the amount of organic solvents can be reduced a lot.Generally only 5% - 20% copolymerization of epoxy silicone oil quality of can be carried out with high content of reaction uniform transparent and stable silicone softener oil.Thus,on the one hand,it greatly enhances the application performance of products,on the other hand,it effectively reduces the emission of organic matter,and the process is more safe and environmentally friendly.

4. Due to the excellent compatibility of copolymerization of epoxy silicone and organic amine has,can be effectively they can carry out homogeneous reaction even in a small amount of solvent or solvent-free conditions.And reaction is more complete,so as to ensure the quality of the finished product is more stable.

5. We suggest you use the compound organic amine provided by us,or you can choose the organic amine by yourself.If you can use various organic amines, such as polyetheramines, ethylenediamine, monoethanolamine, ethylene and hydroxyethylethylenediamine for block polymerization,with a more broad space in choosing organic amine, you can synthesize polyether silicone softener of various styles and effects.

6. There are many choice of solvents, besides isopropanol and butylcellosolve, which is commonly used,you can also choose the ether solvent, inodorous and environmentally friendly,as diethylene glycol, dipropylene glycol, triethylene glycol and so on.

7. By using poly (epoxy silicone oil) with different molecular weight, polyether silicone softener with various handle styles can be synthesized. And polyether silicone softener with 50--95% content can be synthesized according to requirements.

8. The products modified by quaternary ammonium salt are better in hydrophilic and stability than ordinary quaternary ammonium salt modified silicone oil.

9. Besides textile, printing and dyeing auxiliaries,other fields can also be applied. For example, it can also be used in water soluble epoxy resin system to improve the flexibility of resin and reduce internal stress.

To know more of polyether silicone softener, welcome to talk to our sales representatives. For the better of textile finishing, HT Fine Chemicals never stops its' effort in the research and development of new types of textile chemicals for better fabric quality and environment protection.

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