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The most popular 10 textile auxiliaries chemicals sell 2017

The most popular 10 textile auxiliaries chemicals sell 2017

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Wet rubbing fastness improver HT-808, HT-809, HT-812C
HT Fine Chemical developed wet rubbing fastness improver series products for textile processing in the purpose of improving the performance, generally speaking these series of products improving 1-1.5 rubbing fatness grade. At the same time, the web rubbing fastness improver has no influence on the light fastness and is resistant to washing.

Formaldehye-free fixing agent WPB
Formaldehye-free fixing agent is commonly known as non formaldehyde dye fixing agent, one of the most indispensable textile chemicals. As the product name implies, WPB model fixing agent is eco friendly, without formaldehye which cause skin problems, besides it has the ability to improve fastness and make the fabric brighter color, which is mainly used for textile acid and reactive dyes dyeing and printing.

Catinoic modifying agent GX680
Catinoic modifying agent makes the natural and man-made cotton, linen and other fibers easier with brighter colors by the means of dyeing together with reactive and direct dyes in the same bath.

Here to briefly introduce the process. Firstly, the coating is a functional group that cannot be dissolved in water, nor can it react with the large molecules of the fiber. Before dyeing, the catinoic modifying agent is required to change the fiber surface to cationic, thus with adsorption of anionic coating on the fiber surface, to achieve the effect of pigment dyeing, and here the catinoic modifying agent playing an important role as medium.

Alkali resistant scouring agent 1042P
The scouring agent, as the name implies, plays the effect of scouring, and also has a fixed hydrophilic group, which can be aligned in the surface of the solution and can cause the surface tension to drop significantly. Alkali resistant scouring agent has excellent anti strong alkali, high temperature resistance, oxidizer, anti-reducing agent and hard water resistance, and also has a good stabilizing effect on hydrogen peroxide.

Anti-staining soaping agent for acid printing SF100
Anti-staining soaping agent for acid printing SF100 is used for man-made wool, fabric and its blends, stable to hard water and strong acid and alkali, good at removing oil stains. As well it is low foam, with good color fastness and bright color.

Fixing agent or acid printing HT-505
Stability: acid, alkali, electrolyte and hard water
Solubility: soluble in water
Features: the dyed material after treatment has greatly improved water wash fastness and sweat stain fastness.
USES: wool, nylon, silk, leather and other products with anionic dyes (acid dyes, metal complex dyes) dyeing fibers

Acid Reduction Cleaning Powder 2187C
The best replacement of hydrosulphite for reduction clearing.

Silicone oil 6038
Hydrophilic soft & smooth silicone oil is an excellent high-grade soft hydrophilic finishing agent. At room temperature, it is quite stable in acidic and alkaline conditions; pH is not greater than 8, gives the fabric more soft, silky and full feeling, and has excellent hydrophilicity, and instant hydrophilic treatment for cotton fabrics.

Hydrophilic smooth and ice sense silicone oil 6040
Hydrophilic silicone oil 6040 is the use of new synthetic technique for the synthesis of modified hydrophilic soft finishing agent. In normal temperature, 6040 are fairly stable in acid and alkali conditions; 6040 gives the fabric more soft, silky and full feeling, and with excellent hydrophilicity, the cotton fabrics treated with hydrophilic in 1-2 seconds.

Silicone oil for woven fabric 3317

It has fluffy and soft effect for cotton, linen and other types of fibers, and gives the clothing, denim washing, low temperature baking with fluffy and soft feel.

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