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Hongtu Company Tells You What You Should Focus When You Choose the Best Antistatic Agent

Hongtu Company Tells You What You Should Focus When You Choose the Best Antistatic Agent

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Before we select antistatic agent, we need to know why we need to finish the fabric using anti-static agent. The static phenomenon is produced by physical friction. Same charges repels and extract charges attracts, which cause the static interference in the production and life.


So how should we choose the proper antistatic agent for fabric?
1.Good anti-static effect, it can improve the resistance obviously,with good conductivity,it is low the electrostatic pressure. And no striking the hands and roll the edge of the cloth.
2.Short half-life period: it can conduct the charges quickly and increase the speed and improve the production rate.
Ionicity: it can be used with other auxiliary in the same bath. With good consistency, it can reduce the process and reduce the production cost and improve the production rate.


Nonionic anti-static finishing agent is a kind of high effect, widely used and usableness finishing agent. With good conduct ability, if it is used to finish the fabric, the fabrics resistance will decreased obviously. And this kind of fabric have short half-life period to static charges. So it will conduct the static produced by friction with the machine.


Due to its nonionic, it is easy to compatible with the auxiliary.And it can be used with waterproof agent, softer, and silicone oil used in the same dyeing bath. So it reduces process and saves money. Another important point is its good effect and low dosage.

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