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Accelerate the pace of development of chemical fiber oil

Accelerate the pace of development of chemical fiber oil

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In order to eliminate the static electricity generated by friction, the friction coefficient is reduced, so that the fibers have appropriate bundling property, smoothness and fineness, so that the chemical fibers such as polyester, eye and nylon are used in the spinning process So that it has a good spinnability and processability, must be added to the appropriate oil, so chemical fiber with the development of chemical fiber growth. At present the world's annual output of chemical fiber about 17 million t, the annual consumption of various oil in more than 200,000 t.

Although the use of chemical fiber oil in the production of chemical fiber is very small, but it plays a decisive role in the quality of fiber, so since the 50's since the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan and other countries on the chemical fiber research has been very active, not only Developed a new type of high efficiency oil, but also the use of complex technology to develop a good antistatic, smooth and cluster of the ideal compound oil.

chemical fiber oil

China's chemical fiber oil industry started in the early 80s, but the development of fast, now has a certain size and foundation. Oil development, application technology and production have formed a relatively complete supporting system. According to incomplete statistics, the country has more than 20 units of the development and production of dozens of various types of chemical fiber oil, distributed in the petrochemical, textile, chemical industry. Light industry and other industries, the total oil production capacity of 20,000 t / a, annual output of 15,000 t, concentrated in Nanjing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other places. Polyester oil (short fiber) nylon filament oil, ordinary spinning oil, polyester filament oil has also been in production, but the variety of varieties Not more; Victoria polyester short cotton cotton oil, polyester filament high-speed spinning POY oil and various types of ultra-high-speed fiber spinning agent is still in the development of trial production.

At present, China's development and production of antistatic agents and smooth softener types are also many. From the chemical composition, the use of antistatic agents are alkyl phosphoesters triethanolamine, polyoxyethylene ether, sorbitan fumarate monoester, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene and the like. In addition to the above-mentioned surfactants as antistatic agents and smoothing softening agents, the chemical fiber oil agent contains other surfactants (such as a cluster agent) or textile auxiliaries. At present, China's technology for the synthesis of these surfactants is backward, the product quality is unstable, the variety is not much, the cost is high, and the basic raw materials of these surfactants such as ethylene oxide, high alcohol and high carbon acid are also in short supply. The existence of composite oil layering, the bubble more, PH value is unstable, poor heat resistance, emulsion perishable and other issues, seriously affected the development of China's chemical fiber industry and the localization process. With the rapid growth of China's chemical fiber industry, the demand for chemical fiber oil will be more and more. The future of China's various types of chemical fiber use of oil demand in Table 1. Can be seen from Table 1, China's annual imports of chemical fiber oil will reach tens of thousands of tons. Therefore, it is an urgent task to accelerate the development and industrialization of chemical fiber oils and to improve the quality of existing oils.

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