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Properties of Coated Textile Finishing Agents

Properties of Coated Textile Finishing Agents

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Good permeability: The transmissivity of the silicone elastomer film to the nitrogen , oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases in the air is 30-50 times higher than natural rubber at room temperature.

Good water repellency: After silicone coating, the fabric does has good water repellency without being waterproof treatment, and the uncoated layer can still maintain good moisture absorption.

Good weather resistance: Due to the structural characteristics of the silicone molecular with inorganic polymer, the coating agent can be long term used under the environment of 250-300°C, and minus 50-60 °C. Silicone elastomer also has excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation, radiation resistance, ozone resistance. It can be use in outdoor for 10 years.

Excellent mechanical properties: The tensile strength of silicone elastomer is about 100kg/cm at most, and the tensile strength and breaking strength of nylon fabric processed by coating finishing agent are significantly increased.

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