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Hydrophilic Finishing Agent for Chemical Fiber

Hydrophilic Finishing Agent for Chemical Fiber

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① After processing of the fabric, the fabric has a unique sand sense of style, give the fabric silk feeling.

Can be used alone, good drape, can also be used with other softener complex.

In the course of the operation there is no traditional silicone oil sticky roller, stick cylinder, bleaching oil, demulsification phenomenon.

Can give the fabric smooth, full and washable silk-like feel.

After its treatment, the fabric is very comfortable, and it has a sense of the contact porcelain of the fabric.

Good permeability, can enter the fabric fiber inside, so that the fabric becomes smooth, soft and cold.

Green environment-friendly textile auxiliaries, without APEO, NPEO, in line with GB, Europe and the United States ROHS environmental standards.

Hydrophilic finishing agent is a kind of special development and combination of modified silicone and polyurethane, belongs to the special organic silicon polymer, archaize style out, however, especially sand yarn, fabric moisture absorption perspiration, pottery and porcelain texture, cloth kind of adjustable resistance, hydrophilic finishing agent to help you enhancing the added value of the fabric, sweep of the textile industry.

Applicable to cotton / lycra fabric, T / C fabric sand feel, soft, sliding finishing, also with a good feeling for other fiber fabrics.

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