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Six Kinds of Color Fastness about Textile and the Corresponding Products that Our Company Recommends

Six Kinds of Color Fastness about Textile and the Corresponding Products that Our Company Recommends

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1.  Color fastness of rubbing: rubbing fastness is said to be the fading degree that dyeing textile goes through, it can be divided as dry friction and wet friction. Rubbing fastness is based on dyeing degree of white cloth the as evaluation criterion, which is 5 levels. The bigger value is the better the rubbing friction is.( a series of products of wet friction in our company) 

2. Color fastness of lightening: lightening fastening means the degree of discoloration that dyeing textile is influenced by daylight effect. Its testing method is to compare the fading degree of samples with standard color swatch by means of modeling the process of daylight. It can be divided into 8 levels, among which the eighth degree is the best while the first one is the worst. The textile with poor lightning friction should be avoided exposing under the sun for a long time, and it should be placed in the ventilation where will help to dry in the shade.( our company’s light fastness improver)

3. Sublimating fastness: it points to the degree of sublimation of dyeing textile when being placed. The common dyeing fastness of textile should reach 3 to 4 levels to meet the requirements of wearing generally. ( our company’s heat sublimation fastness improving agent)

4. Washing fastness: fastness to washing or soaping means the degree of the variation of color after the dyeing textile going through detergent washing. It is generally adopted grey classification card as evaluation criterion, that is to say, to depend on the difference of color between the fading color of original sample and the one of trial sample. Washing to fastness is classified as 5 levels. The fifth level is the best but the first one is the worst. The textile with poor washing fastness should be dry—clean. If it is wet—clean, we should be doubly careful about the washing conditions, like the washing temperature can not be too high and the time can not be too long, etc.( our company’ s wet rubbing fastness improver)

5. Perspiration of fastness: perspiration of fastness is the fading degree when dyeing textile soaks the sweat lightly. 

6. Ironing fastness: it means the variation of color or fading degree when the dyeing textile is being
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