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Testing of the Properties of Scouring Agent - Determination of Residual Fat Content

Testing of the Properties of Scouring Agent - Determination of Residual Fat Content

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Determination of residual fat content
1. Instrument and Scouring Agent. Oil Soxhlet extractor and carbon tetrachloride.

2. Operation steps. Firstly, to put oil flask of the Soxhlet extractor and 10g sampling in the oven with105 degrees bake for 1.5 hours. And then to take out and cool them in the dryer. Next, to weighed accurately of each (accurate to 0.0001g). The sample which has been weighed to wrapped with the filter paper, and then put it into a reflow extractor of Soxhlet extractor (edge height within the filter paper should not exceed the height of the rainbow Straw reflux), adding about 200mL carbon tetrachloride (the number should be able to make carbon tetrachloride spill over the rainbow straw from 1.5 to 2 times),and then heating in a water bath. Starting the timing from the end of the condenser tube with liquid droplets, the extraction rate is 5~6 times per hour to make the solvent cycle 12 times, and it is finished. Taking about 10mL of carbon tetrachloride washing extractor, and removing the condensing tube , then washing for once. After that to remove the cloth and filter paper; at the same time to put the washing liquid into the flask. Distillation device is installed well on the flask, and to remove carbon tetrachloride in the water bath. Moreover, and to put off the flask, and place it with cloth in the oven for 105 degrees within 1.5 hours, cooling in the dryer. Next, to weigh them accurately respectively (accurate to 0.0001g).

3. Result calculation. The fabric of grease content can be calculated according to the determination of sample weight loss or flask increased weight. The results should be consistent, and it can choose any one of them. But when the determination of sample has weight loss, we should pay attention to side yarn loss which will affect the results.
Residual fat in fabrics (%)=( the weight of flasks and fats - quality of empty flasks) ÷the sample quality before pattern extraction ×100
Or :
Residual fat in fabrics (%)=( the sample quality before pattern extraction—the sample quality after pattern extraction) ÷the sample quality before pattern extraction ×100

4. illustration. Because carbon tetrachloride is poisonous and will corrode the oven easily. Thus, The extractant can be extracted by using ether and dichloromethane, and can be replaced by 1:1 benzene and alcohol solutions. However dichloromethane and benzene
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