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The Test of Capillary Effect of Scouring Agent

The Test of Capillary Effect of Scouring Agent

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1. Common methods
Correct the horizontal position of capillary effect tester, adjust acaleplate and makes, its zero points exactly in one level with the water level. And then take 2 samples with 30cm in length and 5cm in width, make the mark at 1cm place to one end of cloth with a pencil mark, and then fix a 2g glass rod at the end of in the latitudinal direction as a weight,grip the other end of the clamp in the instrument's iron clamp, drop the end of glass rod into the water, stop at the 1cm level mark, start to time for 30min, observe the distilled water wetting cloth height. If it is uneven, read the minimum. Take the average of two data.

2. Express methods
Cutting the cloth with 2cm in width and 10cm in length. Test according to the above sample method,  Watch the time need for distilled water rise 2cm height, if it is uneven, take the minimum value.

3. Drop method
Keep the sample cloth in the tight frame taut, load the distilled water in the burette, and then put the tight frame 1 com below the burette. Start to time when the drop falls on the cloth, and stop the stopwatch at the time of the droplet surface disappear, repeat this test at five different positions for 5 ~ 10 times, and take the average. The shorter the wetting, the better the hair effect.
Moreover, we can add a small amount of soluble dye can in distilled water, and the complete degree of sourcing agent can be determined according to the shape of the stain left after the diffusion of water droplets.

  • The capillary effect is determined mostly by general methods. But in some cases, rapid method and drop method should be able to explain the problem better. Such as, the fabric contacting with treatment liquid by continuous methods takes relatively short time, so the test of capillary effect in a short period of time is more practical.
  • The fabric capillary effect, if not specified test conditions, it refer to the climb height (CM) in 30mins of distilled water under the above conditions
  • In order to facilitate the observation, we can add 0.5% potassium distilled water
  • The sample cloth and test place test interval should be selected in intervals.
  • The test cloth should maintain a certain of moisture regain, if conditions permits, it should be placed in the constant temperature and humidity box (20 degrees Celsius temperature, relative humidity 65%) for 24 hours, and then take out to test. A saturated solution of sodium nitrite can also be placed under the partition of the dryer as a simple constant humidity device.

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